Chris Jones

Chris Jones


Chris began working in finance on the open-outcry dealing floor in the City. During this period, he worked for some of the world’s leading Inter-Dealer Brokers, including ICAP and BGC Partners, who offered institutions wholesale liquidity in capital markets. He worked across various product areas but spent the majority of his time in interest rate derivatives.

After making the decision to move into the private client space, he retrained and took a position at Redmayne Bentley, a leading UK stockbroker. Here he learned the significant, potential benefits that can be attained through traditional, direct asset investing.

Perhaps more importantly, though, he learned of factors that can often lead to substandard performance for investors.

Chris is based in London but has clients all over the UK

“I wanted to set up Cube Capital so that my existing clients could have access to a company that they knew would always place their interests above everything else. The goal for Cube Capital is to deliver the most accomplished investment strategies in the UK.” Chris Jones.