2021 outlook

It’s always hard to give outlooks and predictions, take 2020 as a prime example! In this short video founding partner Robert Craig listens to portfolio advisor Paul Sedgwick’s outlook for 2021, including areas to keep an eye on and how he’ll be looking to navigate the Total Return Balanced Portfolio for the year ahead. 

22 January 2021

2020 Stock Market & Economic Review

Robert speaks with portfolio advisor, Paul Sedgwick, about 2020. It’s hard to boil down into a brief review what 2020 meant for investors, without straying off topic into wider the human factors that affected us all. Paul’s succinct review of the year sticks to the stock market and economy, providing a thoughtful synopsis. 

22 January 2021

US Election
Sir Christopher Meyer

Robert speaks with Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to the US, about the upcoming US election. He shares first-hand insights into the inner-workings of diplomacy in Washington. An absolute must watch for anyone wanting the inside track into what goes on behind the scenes of an election.

15 October 2020

Technology in business

Robert talks with Professor Leslie Willcocks from the London School of Economics. They discuss the future of work in a post coronavirus world and the difference the adoption of digital technologies make to business performance.

18 May 2020